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Cogne conditions--Lillaz

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 brunoschull 23 Jan 2020

Hi.  I'm heading to Cogne this weekend and I thought I'd ask about conditions.  I've been following the ice conditions thread, and I can see that some routes up the valleys have been climbed, but what about the really popular, close routes, like Lillaz? Does anybody know if they're in?  Once we're there we'll suss things out, but I want to get pointed in the right direction for the first early morning.  Thanks.  Bruno.  

 Bezz 23 Jan 2020
In reply to brunoschull:

You've probably seen this but this link is where you can see the entries from the conditions book at La Barme in Valnontey , if it's been climbed there might be some useful info and gives you a chance to practice your French and Italian...!


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 brunoschull 23 Jan 2020
In reply to Bezz:

Yeah, I've been following that.  I was just looking for some recent first hard reports. Thanks.

 smithaldo 24 Jan 2020
In reply to brunoschull:

yeah same here. There is a book in the little bar in lillaz (the one that shuts about err 6ish, on a corner as you turn left to wander toward the path to lau bij/lillaz cascade) that doesn't get put on the net to check out when you get there.

Also, facebook group 'Alps - conditions for (ice) climbing' can be of help.

Would Be good if people put other useful facebook groups they know of here???

I find searching 'cogne' in Instagram and checking most recent posts is also pretty useful (lots of pictures of beautiful Italians posing in the snow but some climbing pics inbetween)

And of course, none of it really matters as we can check when we get there but good to get inspired and make plans beforehand!

 Andrew Lodge 25 Jan 2020
In reply to brunoschull:

Can't help with conditions now but please report back when you get there or when you return, we go out on the 7th Feb.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.