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neilwiltshire on 17 Dec 2012
Hi all,

I have a guided ascent booked in January with a company in NZ. Hopefully Mt Cook, but it depends on conditions, either way, it'll be a multi-day ascent of some peak in the Southern Alps.

On their kit list they say to bring a 55-65 litre backpack. I haven't ever done multi-day mountaineering before but even so that seems a little unnecessarily large to me, I've been looking at getting the Deuter Guide 45 instead.

I'd appreciate any advice on the matter that anyone can offer!


Bradders - on 17 Dec 2012
In reply to neilwiltshire: If you get a good 55-65 litre rucksack that hugs your back well and hasn't got side pockets e.g a larger climbers pack. You can use the straps on it to compress it and it doesnt have to be full. If you use a smaller rucksack for more stuff then you start strapping stuff to the outside. And though i have at times done this i normally dont class it as an ideal situation. Other people of course have different views.

BruceM - on 17 Dec 2012
In reply to neilwiltshire:
welcome to the kiwi way. That is a small pack by traditional NZ standards! But good enough these days with all the small kit. They are talking about something like a Macpac Pursuit, or if you like a bit more gear, an Ascent. I pretty much use a Pursuit for most trips like that (comfortably), but can compress to much smaller (25l) when need to for one night warm summer conditions stuff. Although I would not do that up the Tasman or Aspiring regions.

Unfortunately, you need lots of space for rain gear!

But that Deuter Guide would do the trick. You will just need good quality light gear such as sleeping bag, shell gear, bivvy bags or whatever. The numbers are all over the show for pack sizes.
The Ex-Engineer - on 17 Dec 2012
In reply to neilwiltshire: 55litres+ sounds spot on to me.

My experience is that as soon as you start doing expedition style mountaineering with bad weather clothing, technical kit, avalanche kit and carrying 5+ days worth of food you haven't got a hope with anything smaller.

Even with 55litres sacs I've found that the harness/back systems normally end up right at the limit of what it is still possible to carry comfortably for a full day.
JayPee630 - on 17 Dec 2012
In reply to neilwiltshire:

I'd suggest getting one the size they say, or at the very least emailing and checking if you're going to take something smaller.
neilwiltshire on 08 Jan 2013
Thanks for the advice all, went for the 55 litre Arc'teryx Nozone in the end!

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