/ Alpamayo 2019 any one?

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Wojttek - on 13 Feb 2019


maybe some one for this mountain this year?

if that Beauty is also your dream we can cut our cost in half (1.5t $ instead of 3t $ ) . I'm looking at July term.


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Wojttek - on 13 Mar 2019

dates set now from 26 June to 8th July. with acclimatisation trek before heading for Alpamayo

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Northern Star on 14 Mar 2019
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Having done Alpamayo a few years back I can confirm it is a great mountain, incredibly beautiful however that schedule looks a little tight to me unless you are already well acclimatized (done at least another peak of 5,000m before Alpamayo).  The summit is never guaranteed but you would stand far more chance with a couple of extra slush days built in to mitigate for bad weather, or simply to aid acclimatization.  If you are spending that amount of money they you want to give yourself the best chance possible.

The itinerary also mentions the Ferrari Route?  Because it is less steep than French Direct, Ferrari Route holds a lot of snow, often with fearsome looking cornices at the top which are prone to collapse resulting in many deaths over the years.  French Direct is the steeper but safer option.  Go for it, its a great objective and make sure your guide is a full member of the AGMP so you know they won't cut corners.

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Doghouse - on 15 Mar 2019
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Anyone got any recommendations for a reputable expedition company for this / Peru?

Thanks .

Northern Star on 18 Mar 2019
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Adventure Peaks used to do it but don't seem to any more.  Jagged Globe still do:  https://www.jagged-globe.co.uk/climb/exp/i/alpamayo.html

Personally though if doing something similar again I would probably just go straight to the horses mouth and ask on here:


Same guides that JG/AP will be using most probably.

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Doghouse - on 18 Mar 2019
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Wojttek - on 25 Mar 2019

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I would love to organize on my own in small group/1 partner only - no guided tours, but as baby on the way this is now or never for me needed to find smth/smone fast.

guide comoany was for example only(nobody likes to be dragged by a guide) I guess should have  mentioned that earlier.

 I'm eventually going with enriqueexpedition.com via French direct with acclimatisation trek to Churup lagun first and having day extra before getting to high camp ( planing to go to high camp and go down for overnight for better acclimatisation )  

TonyBrasko - on 25 Mar 2019
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Im going to!

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