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 TigerFan 01 Aug 2022


I have an old Camping Gaz stove I was convinced would take Calor gaz (as cheaper).

However whenever I attach the calor gas (wider pipe) and heighten it no gas reaches the stove!

I was advised to get a converter valve for the stove with wider pipe fitting, however all the ones I find seem to have a 10+mm thread, whereas I need a 9(?)mm.

Any advice on where I can procure one!


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Just get a Calor regulator and use the old pipe or a new piece of the same size if it's perished.  There's enough stretch in them to fit over the nozzle if you warm the end in hot water before fitting and use washing up liquid to help it slide on.

Note I have heard that Calor may be discontinuing the small (4.5kg) butane bottle (though they'll be around for a bit), so unless you want to use the larger ones (7. something, which is a different regulator again) you may want to consider what you do.  I can't find confirmation of this, though.

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 ian caton 02 Aug 2022
In reply to TigerFan:

You will struggle to get a calor refill of 4.5kg bottle. 

 Darron 02 Aug 2022
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Word from my supplier is that Calor are doing away with both 3.9kg propane and 4.5 Butane.

 Rick Graham 02 Aug 2022
In reply to Darron:

The gas market is quite partisan , I think that might be the right word. 

I prefer shellgas propane , now part of the flogas group . far easier to deal  with bottle sizes  swaps and deposits etc.

My double burner camping gas stove works really well on propane . On butane its useless unless the air temperature is 20+ and wind speed zero. 

 Al Todd 04 Aug 2022
In reply to TigerFan:

The best advice to ensure whatever you do is done correctly (ie safely) is to take the stove to a Calor main Dealer since they will be able to sell you the correct hose & regulator & if you're lucky also fit it for you as part of the service.

Local Retailers of Calor such as filling stations etc won't be able to offer help, hence to find your nearest main Dealer Calor's website has a section 'Find a Stockist' which has helpful icons next to each listing to help point you to the right outlet.

The 3.9 propane size is going to be phased out shortly so you're best to obtain a 5kg patio gas cylinder which is the next smallest in the range. Expect to pay circa £70 plus for the initial cylinder hire incl first fill of gas.

Calor is substantially cheaper than Camping Gaz and more widely available in the UK than other brands. However before changing consider the cost of change against the savings - on a camping stove you need to use a lot of gas to recoup the initial outlay! Also consider the size of the cylinder, Camping Gaz is expensive but the cylinder is more easily transported since it about half the size. Finally if you are likely to be using gas abroad then remember Camping Gaz is widely available throughout Europe whilst Calor can only be purchased in the UK.

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