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The music from out of obsession

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 chev1n 19 Feb 2020

I love the film 'out of obsession' featuring Dan Turner. He is so inspiring. Will probably never do the problems he is doing or anything of similar difficulty but his attitude makes you want to 100% go for it and push it as hard as you can at the level you're at and to the one you're aspiring to next. His lovely and fun nature just fires you up and he's so down to earth. Loved it.

And what I really loved was the music in the background. Just loved this music. All of it. It was totally awesome. Just made you want to go out bouldering. 

I am wondering if anybody can tell me what it is. Or maybe they know of something that sounds similar. I'm making a crag playlist for my Spotify. I have some good stuff on it but need more. Sometimes it's really hard to find stuff that's about climbing or expresses it perfectly. When I search for rock climbing music mainly I get the usual rock gym technoey stuff. 

I'm looking for the music in the film. It just portrayed climbing and what it was about the whole mood of it the atmosphere. 

Need something to fire me up for the training and for the summer season ahead. 

I hope you guys can help 😊🌲🌲

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.