/ Vivian Quarry - temporary no access.

Vivian Quarry

Gwynedd Council who manage the Padarn Country Park at Llanberis have informed the BMC that for a short period restoration and safety works are being carried out on historical machinery (including the aerial cableway) within Vivian Quarry.  For safety reasons, Gwynedd Council state that there will be no access to the Lower Levels or Pool Wall areas of Vivian Quarry (Mental Lentils, etc) during this time and the poolside path gate will be locked. Please avoid while this work is underway.  While it's technically still possible to access the Comes the Dervish levels this is also best avoided while workers are active in the quarry.  It's thought this temporary closure will last from 11/02/2019 to 11/03/2019. 

They also point out that they do not give permission for any access or climbing away from the marked trails within the country park.


Elfyn Jones

BMC Access & Conservation Officer (Wales)