/ South Peak Limestone Festival 14th to 16th Sept.

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Offwidth - on 06 Sep 2018

I was trying to find the South Peak Limestone Festival thread for the next weekend and just realised it's in a Premier Post. Local climbers will obviously be around who can advise visitors to the joys of the new BMC Limestone South guide and there is an organised walk by the BMC Peak area hillwalking rep. Subsidised camping and good food at a great pub and a free Gary Gibson talk


Is anyone from here going? Annoyingly I'm pre-booked so staying elsewhere but will be coming over in the day to the festival.

Luke90 on 06 Sep 2018
In reply to Offwidth:

What's Gary like as a speaker? Worth making an effort to see?

Mick Ward - on 06 Sep 2018
In reply to Luke90:

If you get bored with Gary...  check your pulse is still working!

Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride and more enthusiasm than you ever thought existed.

And if you want to take the piss out of him, that's absolutely fine but you better be quick - 'cos he'll do it first (and probably better).


Offwidth - on 06 Sep 2018
In reply to Luke90:

I'd say so, yes.

spenser - on 06 Sep 2018
In reply to Offwidth:

Thanks for posting this Mr Offwidth!

For Luke: Gary's talking about doing new routes in the area, worldwide he's done over 5000, clearly he's as keen as mustard. I highly doubt you'll get bored, besides, there's great beer/ cider at the pub (one pint included in camping fees for each night!).

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Luke90 on 08 Sep 2018
In reply to Offwidth:

Thanks all. That seems pretty conclusive!

spenser - on 09 Sep 2018
In reply to Offwidth:

If people are wanting to come along on this please may you book in with the campsite by 2PM on Tuesday 11th September at the latest, this is so that the pub knows how many people to cater for. 


Spenser Gray

Mick B - on 10 Sep 2018
In reply to spenser:

Hi Spenser,

What's the deal if you just want to come along to the talk?  Can you pay on the door?

 I live fairly locally so wouldn't be camping.



spenser - on 10 Sep 2018
In reply to Mick B:

Hi Mick,

If you want some food as well then book in with the pub and tell them your preference for chicken or vegetable curry (The buffet will be £10).

If you are just wanting to come along for the talk with no food that was an eventuality I hadn't thought of, just call the pub and let Ian/ Lou know that you will be there and drinking some of his beer while watching the talk without any food (Ian has said there are 50 seats available in the pub for the talk but he has a couple of other bookings for the evening as well so turning up on spec may result in disappointment). No charge for the talk itself (although the beer will obviously cost money).

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