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Harveys Wall, Avon

 TXG 02 Aug 2020

Popped into Harveys Wall last night, for the first time in ages. Was shocked at just how disgusting the place has got. It used to be a reasonably pleasant place to hang out and boulder, but it's horrible now.

This has mostly been caused by the sacks of rubble left there after the 2011 Bridge Valley Road maintenance. The sacks are now rotting away and there's litter scattered in the rubble. I've contacted Bristol City Council to ask them to remove the rubble (as their contractors dumped it there). Does anyone know another way of taking this forward? I can't find any details of the BMC access rep on their website. 

If anyone else fancies contacting Bristol City Council, the fly tipping form is here: https://www.bristol.gov.uk/streets-travel/flytipping 

Once the rubble's gone I'd be really happy to get involved in cleaning the place up. I know it's only a little wall, but the traversing and soloing there is quite useful.