/ Edlingham Access

IRad on 11 Sep 2018


Does anyone know how to get up to the crag? Have parked at the entrance and attempted to get through the undergrowth but no cigar!

Allovesclimbin - on 11 Sep 2018
In reply to IRad:

I have just bush whacked up in the past. Some areas are easier to access than others but no problems in the past, mind you , not been for a couple of years ... 


MJAngry on 11 Sep 2018
In reply to IRad:

Some friends tried about a month ago or so. They didn't get much further than you by the sounds of it. Doesn't bode well for the actual crag.

Hopefully someone will be along with better news. 

IRad on 12 Sep 2018
In reply to Allovesclimbin:

Cheers! Considering, walking over the top from Caller and giving that a go, might find a good way for bushwacking back down!