Considerations for developing new bouldering areas

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 robertoo3 06 Aug 2022

For a while now I've been thinking of exploring a couple of undeveloped (to the best of my knowledge) bouldering areas I've stumbled upon on hillwaking days around the Scottish highlands. It's looking like I'll have a lot of time off work in the autumn, and before I set out anywhere I want to make sure I've done my due diligence here and won't be overlooking anything vitally important affecting access that I might need to check out before I give these venues a proper recce.

On my list to check are the following (bearing in mind these are Scottish venues):

  • Designation as National Nature Reserves 
  • Designation as Sites of Special Scientific Interest
  • Deer stalking-related restrictions

Anything I might be missing? Or any ideas on how the above might affect my ability to climb at any of these venues, particularly designations as NNR or SSSI? I wasn't under the impression that either of these designations, should they apply, necessarily mean climbing wouldn't be possible or responsible, but figured it was best to check.


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