/ Climbing in uk

Jacob Andrew Garrett on 07 Dec 2018

Hi, i was wondering am I allowed to climb wherever I would like in the uk or would i need to ask councils etc, as there are many places in which I would like to climb for example, cliff sides. 

beardy mike - on 07 Dec 2018
In reply to Jacob Andrew Garrett:

Mostly it depends on the land owner. If you find the relevant guidebook for the area there will most likely be accurate information about where it is accepted that you can climb and where you can't. Some land owners object and crag access i banned, in others they are supportive. Sometimes landowners change and the next owner has a different idea and the access regime changhes. That said, there is a huge number of places to climb in the UK. Another good place to look is on the crags section in the logbooks here - very often has the ltest information. Find the crag you are talking about on the map and see what it says!

Kirill on 07 Dec 2018
In reply to Jacob Andrew Garrett:

You may find this page useful: