/ Bird Ban on Raven's Crag Thirlmere

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joe s 22 Jun 2019


I was wondering if anyone knew if the birds are still nesting at Ravens crag, thirlmere?

The BMC Rad says that the bird ban ends on 30th June.



Vanessa Simmons 24 Jun 2019
In reply to joe s:

I was walking there on 15th May and had to give up due to forestry operations as well as water pipe installation. 


I’d call United Utilities before going. 

joe s 26 Jun 2019
In reply to Vanessa Simmons:

Thank you for this Vanessa.

In reply to joe s:

We had to park some way up the northern road, as the middle/southern roads in were closed. Not sure what the current state of play is - or what the situation is with the massive amount of trees that have fallen down (and whether or not they've been cleared up - but just be aware you may have to park a wee bit further away and also that the approach has the potential to be a monumental bushwhack.

That said, once you do get in it's clearly worth every moment.

What you hoping to do out of interest?

joe s 28 Jun 2019
In reply to Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing:

Was planning to do classic stuff like totalitarian and empire (not been to the crag before) but will probably try to head higher this weekend! Good to have the beta for later in the year!

In reply to joe s:

I did Totalitarian last year and thought it was about as good as it gets. Each pitch is memorable and probably deserved of E1 in their own right (even the 4b/c traverse!!), but the final pitch really is something else - totally out there!!

Sadly I didn't do Empire, but gather it has been done - hence should be in a climbable state. I did, however, do Gates of Delirium and that was absolutely outrageous. The moves up to and out of the roof are wild, then the groove above keeps coming. Certainly not one I'll be forgetting anytime soon, especially given that I linked both pitches so there wasn't any half height respite.

Footy564 29 Jun 2019
In reply to joe s:

We did both last year. As Rob says totalitarian is awesome. Empire is also brilliant and clean enough if you avoid the first pitch and traverse in from the totalitarian belay. The top pitch isn't clean but still climbable just a bit run out, make sure you've had a good dry spell. (Tried to clean it a bit more on the abb down)  

Replaced the abb tat as well.

Also tried close to the edge but ran away scared after failing to get off the second belay. Would advise just doing that in one pitch if you get on it.

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