Whyte bikes - and why you should buy one

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 Kemics 08 Sep 2021

Posting this here as I know a fair few people on here cycle too ... and if I signed up for a bike forum and started waxing lyrical everyone would probably assume it's spam.

I have a Whyte road bike (whyte suffolk to be precise), which is excellent and has been a lovely bike to ride. I've used it for road cycling and overnight/lightweight touring. 

Anyway, I fitted a child seat to the bike and crushed the frame (in fairness i followed the seat torque values). The bike seat manufacturer suggested I contacted Whyte. I contacted them, not to making a complaint but completely owning my mistake and only asked if the suggested torque of 8nm is an unreasonable amount of force to apply to their seat tubes so I can reply to the bike seat manufacturer. 

They immediately offered me a completely free replacement frame. Amazing. Literally never even dreamt of this as an outcome. They are a British company and make excellent bikes which is enough reason on it's own but I was blown away by their customer support. Every email was immediately answered by a human. I'm definitely going to buy another Whyte bike and if you're in the market for a new bike, I couldn't recommend them more highly!

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In reply to Kemics:

A friend of mine had a Whyte MTB (carbon odd looking thing, can't remember the name), can't remember how, but he broke it.  Instantly offered a replacement, but had to wait for shipping so they leant him a bike. Very impressed.

They also took William Storey to court and whipped his ass for nicking their logo

 LastBoyScout 08 Sep 2021
In reply to Kemics:

I have a Whyte Portobello (mk1) as my local errand bike and it's been brilliant - bought originally to put my daughter's bike seat on, as it happens.

My only niggle is that it doesn't have the clearance to put a wider tyre on it, but the newer version does.

Rear rear hub needs replacing, but I think that's down to previous owner not looking after it terribly well - I've got one, but haven't got round to swapping it, as they've changed the flange size and I'd need a load of new spokes.

Couple of my mates have got Whyte MTBs and love them.

 Al Randall 08 Sep 2021
In reply to Kemics:

I had a Whyte mountain bike for a couple of years. The guy who designed the original Whyte and the Marin, Jon Whyte, used to live 5 miles from me in Winchcombe.  So did Liz Hurley but that's another story Whyte have just released a new electric mountain bike that looks good and gets rave reviews. IMO they are some of the best bikes on the market.


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 Denning76 08 Sep 2021
In reply to balmybaldwin:

> They also took William Storey to court and whipped his ass for nicking their logo

Isn't the owner/founder ex-Formula 1? Of all the guys Storey could have nicked a logo from...

In reply to Denning76:

He's a con man that somehow got involved with Haas Formula 1 team as a sponsor with his "Rich Energy" brand.  The whole thing was a ridiculous farce... no one has ever seen these energy drinks for sale, but a few rare examples have changed hands on ebay.

 Denning76 08 Sep 2021
In reply to balmybaldwin:

Oh I know about Storey and the whole Haas farce. I was referring to the guy who started Whyte.

In reply to Denning76:

Oh, I see what you mean...

Just looked him up... Seems Derrick Farrant was an Ex Moto GP, Manx GP (Senior winner)and IOMTT rider.... 2nd in TT 350cc class 1954

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