Vitus zenium mudguard fitment

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 Dave B 14 Dec 2018

Anyone got one and can advise which parts you need to fit mudguards. Particularly which brake bridge to get and which tabs to get for the front forks?

Just in case... Someone had done it already  Else I'll give it a go and see where I get! 

 Dave B 14 Dec 2018
In reply to Dave B:

OK  so the rear mudguard is half fitted. Just need the bridge and I can complete. 

Front I need the hidden mount adaptors...


HOWEVER... Just did that the through axle lever won't turn last the mudguard bolt near the axle, whether I use the Allen bolt I originally intended to use  or a much flatter flat blade screwdriver bolt. Ffs. Seems like a real design flaw to me. I'll have to carry a 4 mm set to release of the through axle lever slightly so it can go part the boot... Never had that with a quick release! It's sold as an ideal winter trainer for putting mudguards on! 

Anyone else had that kind of design flaw... 


 Dave B 27 Dec 2018
In reply to Dave B:

In case any one is reading this.. (IE someone getting a headache coz they bought the same bike...)

1) The trek hidden mudguard mounts don't work and neither does the trekhidden mount brake bridge. 

2) A bit of arch mechano from circa 1978 does work... I think the Canondale brake bridge part may work... but am yet to find out. I have to return the parts and see if I can swap them over. 

3) You can use the SKS Direct Angled Fork Mounts - Pair part, but not the included screws to screw it into the forks. You need an M4 bolt that has a 2.5mm allen bolt head. 6mm length is about right. 10mm is too long! You can't use the SKS Secu Clips for Front Mudguard Stays unless you have the ultra thin 3mm ones... The standard ones are too thick. I think it might work if you just get the SKS Suntour angle bracket that is metal and open... I will attempt to cut down the secu clips so they fit in the gap... Hmmm Bodge 97 of 156 I think...


Al this is quite a palaver and something that Wiggle, who sell the bike should be able to provide in the box for about £1 in total and would transform how a new purchaser of this bike felt about it.

Once set up it does ride quite nicely so far (only one ride in), and hopefully it will stay that way...





This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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