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 The Potato 13 Jul 2019

I'm generally a big fan of Michelin tyres having had a few sets of Pro3 race and Pro4 race/endurance. Mostly chose them as they have the lowest rolling resistance for clinchers, but I also like the ride and grip. I've found they're pretty resistant to punctures too but do seem to suffer from cuts and cracking. 

I've got a Conti Grand Prix tyre on the front at the moment which seems good but not had it long.

What would you suggest for a 700x25c tyre that has low rolling resistance and good durability for everyday riding?

If the Pro4s are the best then I'll stick with them as they're only £25.


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 Yanis Nayu 13 Jul 2019
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Conti GP4 or Vittoria Corsa G+. I’ve always used the former, just switched to the latter, which feel lovely and supple, fast and grippy, as well as sounding cool when you corner. 

 The Potato 13 Jul 2019

I hadnt looked at those thanks. The rolling resistance test for the Corsa G+ looks the same as the GP4000 which is better than the Pro4 but have slightly less puncture resistance, thats the trade off I guess. Im looking for durability reviews now.

Any other suggestions or thoughts on the above thanks.

 Glug 13 Jul 2019
In reply to The Potato:

I've been using Continental GP 4000 for about 8 years now, very rarely have punctures and if I have had them it's only been on roads that have just had the hedges cut and there are Hawthorn cuttings everywhere, moved up to 28mm last year for a smoother ride on the dreadful roads around here.  

In reply to The Potato:

Vittoria Corsa G are good. I ride 1000 miles a month on these and they don't puncture easily. I used to ride Pro 4s and Pro 4 Endurance, wouldn't go back.

 The Potato 14 Jul 2019
In reply to yesbutnobutyesbut:

That's good to know, 1000mi a month! Impressive man

 nniff 14 Jul 2019
In reply to The Potato:

Michelin Pro 4, every time.  4,000 miles so far this year.  Sticky, light, puncture resistant and cheap.  Why go for anything else, especially when they mostly fail in one or more of the above.

 The Potato 17 Jul 2019
In reply to The Potato:

after riding Fred Whitton route in the lake district yesterday I can confirm that my Pro4 endurance is looking pretty sorry for itself and I cant imagine Ive done more than 1500 miles on it.

Going to try a Conti GP4 II but will keep the Vittoria corsa in mind for next time too.

Thanks for suggestions.

 Bloodfire 17 Jul 2019
In reply to The Potato:

I've just changed by Conti GP 4 season to a GP5000 yesterday (so can't comment on the latter) but the GP4S was an absolute beast. No punctures, wore it down to the thread and still held firm. Hopefully the 5k will be just as good. they are more expensive than the Pro4s though. 

 Toby_W 17 Jul 2019
In reply to nniff:

I  agree with this and the OP but have recently been using some type of S works tyre (griptons?), they're grip is amazing and I've never thrown my bike so hard into corners on Alpine and Pyrenees descents.   They are less good in every other area though compared to the pro race I used to ride!!



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