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Tyre size advice please

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 leon 1 08 Sep 2020

After 35+ years riding MTBs I got myself a second hand skinny tyred Cannondale Bad Boy (Kojaks fitted). Riding it today in the wet Peak District felt very sketchy so Id like to put some wider grippier CX tyres on it. Problem is Im not sure how wide a tyre it will take as the Maddux rims seem really narrow @700 x 16c.

Bike to be used on back roads trails and paths, mainly for training in crap weather when I'm not riding my mtb Advice appreciated and cheapish tyre recommendations welcomed

(yes I know I should have got a 'gravel bike' but this was too cheap to resist)

 LastBoyScout 08 Sep 2020
In reply to leon 1:

Have a grub through the buyers guides on here for tyres - there's one about gravel tyres somewhere: https://road.cc/buyers-guide

Found it: https://road.cc/content/buyers-guide/26-best-gravel-bike-tyres-221961

Specific reviews here: https://road.cc/category/review-section/tyres

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 ChrisJD 08 Sep 2020
 leon 1 08 Sep 2020
In reply to ChrisJD: Thanks. The bit Im trying to get my head around is what width I can safely get away with on 700 x 16c Maddux rims ?

It would seem that up to 32mm would be max recommended but could I get away with bigger without the tyre rolling off or other cornering disasters ?

 elsewhere 08 Sep 2020
In reply to leon 1:

Sheldon Brown has the info


The table of tyre size vs rim width compatibility works on a laptop but not my phone.

 daftdazza 08 Sep 2020

I've ran 2.4 inch mountain bike tyres for years on 17mm wide rim, so I think your rim would take a 35 mm cyclo-cross tyre fairly easily.  It's only recently internal rim sizes have become larger so I wouldn't worry about it.  Most gravel/cx wheels now are wider than mtb rims people were running with for decades.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.