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 gimmergimmer 24 May 2021

My other half wants a hybrid bike. (Not electric!) Mainly for roads, bit of easy trail. Good range of gears including for steep hills. She's no longer so young and wants an upright riding position and step over. Also hydraulic disks as easier on sore hands. We've found this one


However, although she wouldn't mind a bit of suspension for achy limbs- This suspension doesn't lock out for faster roads. But told it only has 50mm of travel. So rang up and shop said it doesn't matter about lock out as so little 'travel'. (Can only buy on line). Do people agree with this statement. And also does anyone have any other suggestions at this spec. Thanks 

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 nniff 24 May 2021
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Before it was stolen, my wife had what was probably a predecessor to that many years ago.  Its defining characteristics were an empire conquering sit-up and beg position, minimal travel forks and a suspension seat post.  It was magnificent to ride, in an empire conquering style.  The lack of lock-out doesn't matter at all if you're not ripping it up.

She now has an electric one - with a new saddle suited to conquering the empire and new bars, ditto.  The error was failing to recognise that the hydraulic hoses would not be long enough for the new bars.  The OEM brakes proved unsuited to replacement hoses (who'd have thunk) and so new shimano brakes to boot.  Now it both conquers empires and stops conquering too.  Sadly,  she does rejoice in belting up hills at 15mph while I blow chunks trying to keep up.....

 LastBoyScout 24 May 2021
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My Mum has a very similar Scott - hers is V-brakes, iirc, I expect there is now a disc version.

 Philip 24 May 2021
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I just bought my mum a Liv Tempt 3.

Liv is owned by giant and makes bikes more suited for femine proportions. If not that model then you might another from them.

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I wonder if suspension is really necessary, could bigger tyres take out enough of the bumps for her? Saves weight,  maintenance and cost.

Islabikes do some adult bikes which tick most of your boxes (but not suspension).

 gimmergimmer 24 May 2021
In reply to Sam W:

Thanks-Yes we don't particularly want the suspension. It just fits everything else. We tried Isla bikes but ones we tried didn't quite fit what she wanted. The Isla Joni might do it as its a step over-all the others had crossbars of sorts. Also need to check gear ratio of Joni and whether anyone has one as stocks are low and waiting lists long. It has one chainring at front-32 and 11 to 40 at the back. Trying to understand what that means. I think 32 to 40 is ridiculously low and 32 to 11 is OK for speed . But stand to be corrected.

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Your summary on gear ratios is reasonable.  My riding round town/with the kids bike has 32 on the front and 11-32t on the back.  We live in an area of rolling hills (south Shropshire) and it's unusual for me to need a bigger range.  On the flipside, I do ride quite a lot and am reasonably fit, if that wasn't the case then I'm sure the 40t would be welcome at times.

 S Ramsay 25 May 2021
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Sit up and beg bikes makes it very hard to get your weight over the front wheel or get out of the saddle while climbing, and therefore you would expect only minimal, probably not even perceptible, suspension bob. I would not worry about it not having lock out but if you/she are worried about loss of energy through suspension bob then it suggests that this might not the right bike because far greater losses are going to come from the extra weight of a step through frame and the inefficient pedaling position

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I have a hybrid with 100mm travel suspension and I have only locked it out twice in a couple of thousand miles. I certainly have not found the need to lockout for riding in the saddle at moderate speeds.

My bike is a heavy bike generally due to spec (incl panniers/mudguards, etc) and with it’s geometry, the suspension is not really that responsive, and some of the roads I use are badly in need of repair so some suspension helps for a more comfortable ride.

Personally I don’t see the lockout important for this type of bike. I actually chose suspension as I like to head off tarmac a lot to explore areas and it works as a go anywhere easy off road.

 gimmergimmer 25 May 2021
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Thank you. That's a great help re the suspension.

 Jon Greengrass 25 May 2021
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Also worth noting that on a sit-up and beg bike, there is so little weight on the handlebars, all the bumps come through the pedals and saddle instead.  A big comfy saddle,  suspension seat post and as big a rear tyre as fits, will improve comfort far more than a cheapo suspension weight penalty.

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 NorthernGrit 25 May 2021
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The Kalkhoff Agattu range might be worth looking at.

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