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Some years ago I found an excellent step by step guide to setting up your gears and getting them indexed somewhere on the internet, which I used a few times and found just following the instructions carefully made this a short and easy job with really satisfactory results.

I got a new bike recently which was supplied quite poorly set up by the mail order place I bought it through. I sorted the gears (2x10 Tiagra) out myself a few weeks ago, but couldn't find that guide and found myself flicking between various website and youtube tutorials. I got them running properly eventually but it seemed more annoyingly fiddly than I remember from last time I needed to re-set up the gears on some bike. 

I've since ridden a few hundred kms on the bike and I guess the cables have stretched - it wasn't shifting into the biggest cog at the back last ride, the front mech was rubbing in some chainlines etc etc, all the normal little annoyances of not quite perfectly set up gears. So before I dissappear into the garage for several hours - does anyone have a favourite step by step guide they've found works really well? 

 Yanis Nayu 12 Oct 2018
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Park tools site is pretty good. Or GCN videos. 

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First of all take your time.

The link to the website below could be useful.

Usually cable stretch is adjusted by taking up the play by the adjuster on the derailleur or the shifter.

Park Tools offer a very useful site on all bike maintenance

Other sites may be useful

Not difficult unless there is wear in the derailleur or the derailleur has been knocked but not likely on a new bike. Take it step by step and enjoy the satisfaction of setting it up correctly.



 wilkesley 12 Oct 2018
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Just to add to the advice from others. You almost certainly don't need to fiddle with the limit screws!

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Yeah, I seem to have them set up perfectly from the first time.

I had tried taking up any cable stretch with the in line barrel adjustors, but as with that thing of riding home and not wanting to stop and fiddle, my on bike adjustments didn't seem to solve the issues.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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