Sidi cycling shoes

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 abr1966 23 Dec 2020

Thinking of getting some Sidi shoes....maybe the Genius 10 but unsure of the fitting. Anyone had any and able to comment? I have always heard that going a size larger was the done thing but also that they tend to be narrow fitting...thanks for any opinions...

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I have a couple of pairs of sidi ergo 5 and the size is perfect no + or - for UK size, they might be a bit narrow but I do have a wide foot.

 RBK 23 Dec 2020
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I've had a few pairs of Sidis over the years [Ergos and Wires] and all have been my normal Euro shoe size. My feet are pretty average width and they fit well, especially once they give slightly after a week or so of riding. They've always lasted much better than the various other shoes I've had, mostly Shimano.

 Sans-Plan 23 Dec 2020
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Been in SIDI shoes for years now, I always go up one size from street shoe size and they fit perfectly, I always swap out the stock insole for a Specialized BG insole which takes up a little bit of volume anyway.

Best way is to buy from somewhere that does free returns and order a couple of pairs, i would suggest Sigma Sports as they have a good range of SIDI, Merlin often have them in the sales too.

 Dave B 23 Dec 2020
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Do you have narrow feet? If not, there other brands that may fit you better. I had sidi for a number of years at age 19... but they were too narrow and I got foot pain After about 60 mins

I've finally got a replacement for my  mavic shoes. Somewhere along the line they changed the last of mavic and went mad narrow.

I've  got lake xx wide now! Madness I tell you. 

 dovebiker 23 Dec 2020

I've got a few of pairs of Sidis - as my feet are a bit wider, I've always gone up one Euro size. They do some models in a wider fitting too.

 webbo 23 Dec 2020
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Sidi do a wide fitting version of some of their models. It’s called mega. If you google Sidi cafe you might find a link to their factory shop which usually has pretty good discounts.

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