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 Rich Jenkin 31 Dec 2018

I got into road cycling this year off the back of a knee injury, and for some reason it's the only new sport that's stuck with me now I'm back climbing!

So I'm looking for people to cycle with on the weekends and keep the motivation up!

I live near redpoint in Bristol, so rides starting from that side of town around the 25 - 40 mile mark would be preferable!

Strava says I average around 11-12mi/h, hopefully that's not embarrassingly slow!! ????

(+I think it's also safe to say I'm currently a fair weather cyclist only!)




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Go on the British Cycling website and search for Bristol Cycling Clubs.

 PaulJepson 31 Dec 2018
In reply to Rich Jenkin:

These chaps are fairly active but based in North Bristol.............

 Toby_W 01 Jan 2019
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Think about bad tri,

while you may not want the tri bit they used to have rides going from the pump house with groups doing short ~ 15-20 miles, medium ~35-45 miles and long 60-80 miles each distance had slow medium and fast speeds depending on numbers.

May I also recommend my favourite coffee stops, the farm shop on chew valley lake (not the picnic cafe spot) and the walled garden at wrington below the airport.

happy riding




This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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