Redbull Hardline

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 SC 17 Sep 2018

Did anyone here watch this event? It's just on a whole new level of technical difficulty & risk.

I'm seeing similarities in mountain biking with the direction that top trad climbers have taken. The riders were getting bored with World Cup downhill tracks. There are now bike park trails which have features that wouldn't be allowed by UCI in world cup races and amateur riders are hitting the pro lines. So a group of riders built this track which does push them to the limit and has so very serious & committing features which could do serious damage if you get them wrong. Rampage is also getting way more serious each year.

When I rode downhill I loved the more dangerous tracks. Egypt at Gawton (Tavistock) was my favourite and it's terrifying to ride fast. I broke several bones & poked my gizzards about and ruptured my spleen but the sport just encourages you to go a bit harder all the time. I wouldn't ride this track though.

 ChrisJD 17 Sep 2018
In reply to SC:

It was pretty amazing this year.

When Minnar declines to ride it and Rat-boy declines to race final after qualifier, it's got to be beyond hard.

 SC 17 Sep 2018
In reply to ChrisJD:

I agree, it's nuts. I've been lucky enough to ride with Rat Boy and he's got a screw loose. For him to turn it down, it's pretty serious.

Nice to see Gee finally win but at the same time  disappointing to see Bernard Kerr not win. Kerr is a proper nice bloke. 

Strange seeing Charlie Hatton right up there, I used to be able to keep up with him at the Forest of Dean winter series! 

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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