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I am now three weeks into a forced lay off the bike due to cold/chesty cough. It never really was a head cold, more sore throat, lack of energy and then a deep chesty cough which became a shiftable mucus cough . So three weeks of rest, early nights and no booze and now I am barely coughing and feel much better. All good. 

Saw that the weather is going to be great this weekend so thought a ride was in order to get back into the swing of things until I just checked my resting heart rate

86! (normally ~50-55) 

Guess I am still fighting this fck of an infection and should continue to take it easy this weekend.....not much good weather left I friggin frustrating arrrgggh!! 

Any doctors here to tell me actually everything is fine? anyone? ...

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If you can restrict yourself to a short pootle (don't elevate HR above say 100) then I can't see it doing you much harm. IANAD

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Never stopped Rees Mogg opinionating on stuff so I am going to take your advice at face value....thank you sir!

 RobertHepburn 13 Sep 2019
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I have found with an elevated heart rate that I am still ill and will not recover well from exercise. If it was me I might exercise very gently, but I wouldn't train or go hard till my resting heart rate came down to normal levels. My normal rule is that it is dry and I am not ill I go out, and that means when it is wet or I am ill i know I exercised when i could and don't feel so bad about it. It is worth taking the long view ...

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All jokes aside, this is my view as well. Im not going to exercise until resting HR comes down quite a bit from here. Maybe tomorrow morning its back to normal and the world will be a better place?

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