/ Mechanical disc caliper compatibility.

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mcdougal 26 Mar 2020

Hi all,

I've managed to destroy my front brake caliper and have no experience in replacing bike parts and, although it looks quite straightforward, I have a few questions 

The old unit was a Promax 330r, does anyone know if it will be easy to replace?

If I can't find another Promax, are other units a standard size?

Are the bike part online shops still open?

Thanks in advance,


LastBoyScout 26 Mar 2020
In reply to mcdougal:

I might have a set of Promax calipers in the garage.

In any case, any mechanical caliper should work fine.

They are dead easy to replace - plenty of videos on YouTube 

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Sans-Plan 27 Mar 2020
In reply to LastBoyScout:

This is correct, but will need to find one with the same mounting type.

good article here


LastBoyScout 27 Mar 2020
In reply to Sans-Plan:

OP didn't say, but at a quick look the 330R seems to be flat mount (FM), which would rather limit choice, as I'm not aware of many other FM mechanical callipers, although it looks like both TRP and Shimano also do them.

You can get adapters to use Post Mount (PM) callipers on FM frames, but they look a bit messy.

The ones I've got are PM.


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