Kid friendly Peak mountain biking

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 Jus 01 Jan 2019

Hi all

What are the best circular routes in the Peak up to around 10 miles long with nothing to steep or technical? 

 Fredt 02 Jan 2019
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Derwent Valley. Fairholmes to Slippery Stones, and down the other side, back to Fairholmes. 10 miles.

Various options on the High Peak Trail, Monsal Trail, and Tissington Trail.

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Circuit of Carsington Water, with a good cafe stop.

Hartington Station on the Tissington Trail. Go south to the road to Biggin, carefully cross the A515 and follow good track towards Gotham/Pikehall and join the High Peak Trail near Upperhouse Farm. Go north towards Parsley Hay and rejoin Tissigton Trail back to Hartington. Can be cut short by following track from just past Brundcliffe farm SW, across A515 back to Hartington Station.

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Lots of laps of Blue Steel and Cooking on Gas at Lady Canning - they'll love it! (And the bridleway back up isn't actually that steep).

Or if you insist on being boring, round the Derwent Valley reservoir(s). Its very pretty but not nearly as fun as Lady Canning.

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10km of Lady cannings would be very boring.

I'm not sure I've managed more than 3 laps before wishing I was somewhere else. 

 Jus 02 Jan 2019
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Cheers all

How about the Wharncliffe area?

 afx22 02 Jan 2019
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I’d say it might be a bit hilly for kids, even if you stick to just the fire roads.  Likewise wit Greno Woods.

Lady Canning’s is a good suggestion.

 Jus 02 Jan 2019
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Done Lady Cannings with them lots of times, its great 


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If you can work out the old xc route at Wharncliffe then that's good but not the easiest to find or follow.

If you've done Cannings then I presume you've done Parkwood. Greno woods is similar to Cannings but a bit tougher.

You could go up the broken road from castleton, turn right, mam nick, drop down to Greenlands, back up to the ridge then down into the back of castleton via the campsite. 

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