Is this a good bike?

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 stevieb 20 Nov 2019

Hi, I’m getting my teenage son a bike for christmas. I’m looking for a decent basic hybrid for £300+ but I’m no expert on what to look for. 

I was aiming for cheaper, but this bike claims to be heavily discounted, or is it just down at a realistic price?

and he will be riding 90% of the time on road or cycle paths, so is the suspension (and disc brakes) a big disadvantage rather than a bonus


 Rigid Raider 20 Nov 2019
In reply to stevieb:

Disc brakes are an advantage on a bike that gets used in wet conditions although they can be annoyingly noisy in certain conditions. The front suspension won't do him any harm. 

 LastBoyScout 20 Nov 2019
In reply to stevieb:

I would suggest that for what you're describing, you'll be stuck with the suspension, even though it'll be mainly dead weight, but will take the sting out of crappy surfaces and potholes. It does have a lock-out for on the road, which is good. Cycle paths suggests inclusion of gravel/dirt tracks, so you'll need something with a wider, semi-knobbly tyre and most hybrids without suspension (like mine) would be built around a narrower, slick tyre, although newer ones might have a bit more clearance and not be so restrictive.

I'd love it if I could get a CX tyre on mine, but it just doesn't have the clearance at the chain stays.

I'd argue you don't need a triple chainset on a hybrid, unless you live somewhere REALLY hilly.

I see it's got hydraulic brakes, which is good.

Overall, it's not bad and it's a Trek, so will be a decent build quality. The yellow one looks cool.

 JLS 20 Nov 2019
In reply to stevieb:

That Trek at £400 does seem to be a better spec than the same priced Boardman offering from Halfords and other similar stuff at that price point. So if that's the type of thing he's after it's not an unreasonable choise.

 stevieb 20 Nov 2019
In reply to the thread:

Thanks everyone. So it sounds like a decent bike with no real drawbacks. I just need to decide if I want to spend that much. 

I like the yellow version too, but can see my son rejecting anything so showy. 

 ChrisJD 20 Nov 2019
In reply to stevieb:

Decathlon do some reasonably priced flat bar road bikes that might be worth a look.

Rigid forks, so no dead weight.

 JLS 20 Nov 2019
In reply to ChrisJD:

I had a look at Decathon's offerings as you have but wasn't too impressed. On balance I reckon the OP's Trek is still a better bet.

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