Glasgow - Edinburgh Sustrans route w/ bike-buggy?

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 JH74 21 Sep 2018

Hello all,

So we are trying to find out if the off-road sustrans 754 route from glasgow to edinburgh is feasible towing a bike buggy/trailer. I did a search on here and elsewhere but couldn't find anything specific. It's only a small single buggy/trailer and I'm quite happy on forest track surfaces and similar but I thought I would post here just to be thorough before we book our train tickets. The Sustrans website doesn't give any specifics on the type of surface and I seem to remember reading that it was pretty rough in places, though I can't find where I maybe read that anymore.

Any information/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, J.

In reply to JH74:

Not that helpful as only done the eastern end of it myself (no trailer), but know of various friends who have done the full length albeit without trailers.

The only negative comments of the route were from a couple on a tandem who found it hard work - more due to the tightness of bends and restricted width generally but particularly on corners like when going under the numerous bridges iirc.

At the eastern end parts of the route are very popular with bikes, runners, walkers and dog walkers. Meeting others coming the other way particularly on some sharp blind bends would need care.

Been a few years now, but the Eastern end, was mostly all hard tarmac or gravel easy surface, so should be doable with care on the corners/width restrictions, and by passing some steps! A torch for the tunnel would be helpful though not essential. Much beyond Falkirk I have no personal experience.

Another thing, I recall comments of restrictions and/or inability to book bikes on certain trains (a trailer may be an added problem on busy services?), so suggest you check that out.

 JH74 23 Sep 2018
In reply to Climbing Pieman:

Thanks for posting, that's really helpful. We managed to get the bikes booked for the journey (24 coupons no less) and the buggy will fold up to a similar size as a suitcase so I'm hopeful we'll just get it on the luggage rack. Thanks again!

 Mike-W-99 23 Sep 2018
In reply to JH74:

Same advice as the pieman. Only been as far as falkirk(ish) from Edinburgh. Path is excellent to there. 

Some advice. 
There are a few chicanes around wester hailes which I think are to stop motorbikes. Assume you'll get round them, cant see why not.
Ding your bell at the bridges as its not always obvious another cyclist or walker is just round the corner.
And if pubs are your thing...
The 3 marys in Linlithgow.
Tryst Brewery in Falkirk.


 elsewhere 24 Sep 2018
In reply to JH74:

No memorable obstructions Bowling to Bishopbriggs. Solid gritty surface or tarmac. The odd puddle but little if any mud. The odd narrow bit under bridges. 

Some metal barriers but gaps should be big enough for a trailer.


 JH74 24 Sep 2018
In reply to elsewhere:

Thank you everyone.

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