fat bike upgrading already :) Bigger tyres anyone?

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 top cat 20 Nov 2018

Ok, so I just built up/renovated a fat bike to see how it goes.  400 pounds [money: the sign for 'pounds' has disappeared off my keyboard, it gives me # instead] and I have a bike as smooth and flawless as you like.


I'm enjoying it so much I think I'll upgrade to carbon, and have seen a good deal on a frame that, like my current bike, is limited to 4 inch tyres, and a 170mm rear axle.  [Most bikes now allow for 5 inch with a 197mm axle]

So, for Scottish touring, including winter work on the hills, is it worth paying a lot more for a bang up to date frame/bike that can take wider tyres?



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My new Trek Remedy has 2.6" tyres and they feel huge. Can't imagine what 5"tyres would be like. Bouncy? I'd like to try one.  I say go for it.

 top cat 20 Nov 2018
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I have 2.5" on  my mtb tandem and now think they are really skinny!

I guess the bounce factor will be very tyre pressure dependant?

 StevieH 21 Nov 2018
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Sounds like your keyboard has gone into US English. Probably when it updated windows. You should be able to re configure it back to uk English there.

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