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 subtle 24 Aug 2021

Is there such a thing as a cycle camera that records and then automatically downloads it to your phone?

If not what is the most "hassle free" camera used for recording cycles - front and rear - thinking download to phone rather than cables and computers to download.

Also ease of mount on the bike as well.

Too many recent incidents hence the thoughts turning to recording these, before visibility gets bad due to light and incidents invariably rise again.

In reply to subtle:

Don't think so, at least not one that you could live with.... file transfer too slow or fiddly. Better to pop the card out and use a card reader

OP subtle 24 Aug 2021
In reply to balmybaldwin:

Yes, thought that may be the case , just thought it best to ask.

What are the cycle cameras that everyone using now - and how transferable are they - I vary between two bikes for the commute, and another bike for weekend / evening riding - be good to be able to transfer the cameras easily and quickly. 

 Hooo 24 Aug 2021
In reply to subtle:

I thought that would be a good idea too, but then I did the maths and realised that it's just not workable. My camera records about 8GB an hour. Not only is that a lot of data to transfer via WiFi, it would completely fill my phone up in a  few hours.

 nniff 24 Aug 2021
In reply to subtle:

I've had Cycliq 6 on the rear for years. My observation is that reliability is not a strong suit - the first one's batteries gave up the ghost and were non-replaceable without getting very busy DIY.  The second one has just stopped and Cycliq can't/won't help as it's out of warranty.  This is rather frustrating as it seems the problem is software/firmware rather than physical.  I hear the 3rd generation doesn't keep water our too well, but that's hearsay. 

I did get a replacement for a series 2  - I had a pannier rack mount - there was a mishap and all the lugs broke off the camera rather than the mount - my argument was that the £5 mount should let go before the £200 camera.  It was just out of warranty, but they did agree.

So I'm now in the market for another - I can't think of a better alternative, but I do wonder how exposure light can juts keep on going and these don't.  

On the front - I've now got a Chilli Tech camera.  OK - mount's a bit wobbly, but will try soon with a better mount.  Price OK - I struggle with Go-pro prices on a commuter bike.

finally, as above - the phone connections just are not worth the hassle

 Becky E 24 Aug 2021
In reply to subtle:

I believe there's a Go Pro app for viewing / editing footage. I've no idea how it interacts with the camera.

I'm using Chilli Tech cameras front (helmet) & rear. Transferring files requires either a data cable or removing the SIM card.  My biggest bugbear is how to make the video files small enough to upload to the police online reporting portal (or even just onto Google Drive).

 lpretro1 30 Aug 2021
In reply to subtle:

I use the Chilli technology camera - you can get an extra mount to swap ebetween bikes. Pretty releiable and good quality video. About 4-5 hrs battery life before recharge (USB)

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