What Do We Want? A Winter Photo Article!

In this new photo article, renowned photographer and mountaineer Ian Parnell gets us ready for winter with a stunning series of photographs.

As an extra bonus Ian has offered a free ticket to one of his lectures to the first person to post on the associated forum thread with the correct route names for the five routes pictured below that are being climbed. Can you recognise them?

(The 5 photos are: We want the conditions, We want the hooks, We want the lines, We want em formed and We want the Gnarl)

So Ian asks us: "What do we want?!!"

We want it cold

We want the struggle

We want the conditions

We want the beauty

We want the hooks

We want the hooks

We want the magic

We want the lines

We want the lines

We want 'em formed

We want the gnarl

We want the eyebrows

We want satisfaction

When do we want it?

NOW! (Or actually, when we've got the day off!)

Winter CLIMBING + Rockfax Cover  © Rockfax
Ian Parnell on Beinn Eighe  © Ian Parnell
Ian Parnell on Beinn Eighe
© Ian Parnell, Nov 2009
Ian Parnell is supported by Arc'teryx , C.A.M.P and Snow & Rock.

You can see more of Ian's photos at his blog or at his forthcoming lectures:

Ian is also the co-author of the Rockfax book Winter Climbing+

You can read more about the book in this UKC Gear Review

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6 Nov, 2009
WE WANT THE EYEBROWS!! Sorry, I just loved it. Jack
6 Nov, 2009
Fantastic :D
6 Nov, 2009
We want the conditions, Savage Slit We want the hooks, Gargoyle Wall We want the lines, Babylon We want em formed, Mega Route X We want the Gnarl, Deep Throat (suspect it's something harder but without asking the audience, that's my final answer) If I phone a friend can I have 2 tickets? Ta, Rob.
6 Nov, 2009
Oooooh! So close there Rob... but no cigar. Great video by the way! Rob's video: http://www.ukclimbing.com/articles/page.php?id=2225 Jack
6 Nov, 2009
Well that's got me psyched!
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