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Aug 2017

thumb No matter how wild your walk, the summit cairn is always a magnet for hordes of fellow humans. From the denim-clad amateur to... Read more

Jan 2017

thumb Bothies would be great if not for the other people you have to share them with. At the risk of insulting practically... Read more

Mar 2017

thumb If you're in the market for a new sleeping bag it can be a baffling choice. From fill and fabrics to temperature ratings and... Read more

Aug 2017

thumb Solo scrambling is one of the great joys of the hills, but it's also a serious business. Lyndon Marquis recounts a near-fatal... Read more

Jan 2017

thumb Danny MacAskill's talents in trials riding are well-known, thanks to his multiple viral videos featuring stunts you couldn't even... Read more

Feb 2017

thumb Emma Atkinson recalls growing up with a mother serving on Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team, and the influence it's had on her own... Read more

Apr 2017

thumb Choosing a sleeping bag can be a baffling business. In the second part of our series, insulation expert Dr Matthew Fuller covers... Read more

Jun 2017

thumb David Lintern puts new rules against wild camping in Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park to the test... by breaking them.... Read more

Popular Destination Articles of 2017

9 Oct 2017

thumb Snowdonia is packed with stunning scrambling. Here are the top ten routes as chosen by Carl McKeating and Rachel Crolla,... Read more

Aug 2017

thumb Grade 2 might be hard to define, but among their number are some of the greatest scrambles in the country. Whether viewed as a... Read more

Jan 2017

thumb Early winter can be a tough time of year for backpacking. Days are short, nights are long, and conditions underfoot can be... Read more

May 2017

thumb For this instalment in our series of potted intros to Britain's favourite hills, James Roddie gets wild on one of the most... Read more

May 2017

thumb For this instalment in our series on the UK's best big gnarly routes we make the classic, not-so-low-level circuit of the... Read more

Popular Skills Articles of 2017

Jul 2017

thumb Phoning for help in the mountains - we all hope we'll never need to, but if the worst happened would you know what to do?... Read more

Mar 2017

thumb Most of us have to fit our walking around jobs, family and the weather. So how do you stay in trim for the hill when you're not... Read more

Jan 2017

thumb Low temps, stormy weather and deep snow make camping in winter a challenge. But with the right gear and a few key tricks and... Read more

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