UKH Readership Survey Results

During March and April this year we carried out an extensive Readership survey across both UKClimbing and UKHillwalking. The response was amazing, not least due to the excellent set of prizes offered by some generous sponsors.

UKC/UKH Readership Survey Sponsors

In total we received over 6,600 completed replies which is equavalent to around 10% of our registered user database. Considering that there were more than 50 questions, this represents an amazing effort by our readers and we are very grateful to you all. Don't ask me why I know this fact but in total we received 734,179 separate answers to the questions. Now sorting through that lot has been quite tricky, but we have got some results which I have compiled here into selected highlights from the UKH-specific Survey. The UKH Survey received 374 responses in total. You can see the results for the UKC version of the survey which received over 6000 replies here.

Prize Winners - There are nine lucky winners to the prize draw and they are each getting a choice of one of the nine great prizes that were generously donated. We are contacting them all by email in order and giving them a choice of prizes remaining. The winners profile names will be published once all the prizes have been claimed.

Who are UKH Readers?

  • You are mostly male (84.0%) and live in the UK (93.3%)
  • You are employed or self-employed (70.9%) and earn more than £20,000 (71.9%)
  • You own a compact digital camera (78.1%) and use Apps on your mobile phone (57.0%)

UKH Survey Results - Age range

  • UKH Readers walk frequently with 76% active more than once a month.
  • You participate in a large number of different activities with climbing and biking being the most popular non-walking related activities.
  • You are not generally members of clubs (75.9% aren't) although 15.2% are members of regional clubs.

What climbing media do UKH Readers use?

  • UKH Readers have bought lots of guidebooks in the last 12 months (72% have bought 1 or more)
  • 59.9% of you bought 1 or more hillwalking books over the last 12 months (non-guidebooks).

What gear do UKH Readers buy?

  • UKH Readers buy lots of gear - in fact 69% spent more than £300 on outdoor gear in the last 12 months.
  • 68.4% of you have bought new boots in the last year.
  • 54% have bought a navigation gear..

What gear brands have you bought in the last 12 months?

UKH Survey Results - brands bought

These are the top 50 in the list. The ones in RED have advertised on UKC/UKH during the last 12 months.

and finally,.... What do UKH Readers think of UKH?

We'll let the figures do the talking here.

Content and usability of UKH

UKH Forums

Comments received

We also received plenty of comments which we are slowly reading through (remember there were 6,600 responses and about half of them included a comment). All this feedback has been very welcome be it supportive, critical or just a suggestion or idea.

What do we do with the data

The different sections of the survey have different uses for us. The UKH section is extremely useful for us to ensure that the site is giving you the content you want, in the format you want. There was a lot of data about mobile devices and making the forums mobile-friendly was also the most popular choice on the forum-changes question. This is obviously an area we need to work on. The Personal and Walking sections help us build an accurate demographic of our readers - numbers only, no names or email addresses were collected. This is extremely useful for us to market the web site to advertisers. The Gear section helps us illustrate to our existing advertisers how effective advertising on UKC/UKH is. The Media section shows us how well we are doing compared to some rival sites amongst other things.

Overall the 2013 Readership Survey has been a great success and I would like thank everyone who took the time to fill it in, also thanks to the prizes sponsors - Wild Country, Black Diamond, JetBoil, Camp, Brunton, Scarpa, Marmot and Alpkit - whose support was critical in getting such a great response.

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