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Here are some Top 10's for the UKH photo galleries for the week from 24/Aug/14 to 31/Aug/14. This week we had 1,894 votes for 457 photos by 362 different users (previous weeks or previous years). The 'ranking' is calculated from the average rating of photos in each gallery, as well as the total number of votes made.

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Morning light coming up the Auronzo valley, as seen from the Tre Cime.
© James Rushforth, Sep 2013
 PositionTop 10 PhotosGallery VotesRanking
1+Morning light coming up the Auronzo valley, as seen from the...James Rushforth 3225.2
2+liathach 2 mac fae stirling 2923.7
3+KirkjufellChalk 1922.6
4+Light and Shade - Ogwen from Y GarnNicholas Livesey 2422.3
5+Buachaille Etive Mor before the last of the morning cloud...JCameron 1921.6
6+Looking into Parc de la Vanoise, France. Haute Alpes.Dan-gerMouse 1320.3
7+Evening light on Hen CloudTrevers 1619.6
8+From helvellynhikerman 1218.3
9+beinn eighemac fae stirling 1118.3
10+Langdale Pikes from Side Pikeandywolfendale 1618.1

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My magic mountain in the sky - Suilven
© streapadair
 Top 10 PhotosGallery VotesRanking
1My magic mountain in the sky - Suilvenstreapadair 56742.7
2In Golden Cathedral, Neon Canyon, UtahUKC Articles 45440.8
3Cuillin ridge (Dubhs to Gillean) from Sgurr na Stristreapadair 43640.2
4Grandes JorassesMarek 37939.1
5The Storm Clears, Les Dru, Chamonix.ChrisJD 25838.5
6Beauty in the Back Yard, Morning Light, Longshaw Estate, DerbyshireChrisJD 23337.5
7Light pollution from the Chamonix Valley reflected off the Bossons...Jon Griffith 23537.4
8Keswick from Clough Head 4th February 2007 2:59amHenry Iddon 21037.2
9How characters are built: conditions during the 20 mile round trip to...hwackerhage 19637.1
10Creise, Stob a' Ghlais Choire and Meal a' Bhuiridh, Glencoe.Under...SeanB 15136.8
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beinn udlaidh
© mac fae stirling, Feb 2012
 PositionTop 10 Galleries PhotosVotesRanking
1+mac fae stirling 79426.2
2- -1JCameron 53725.2
3+hikerman 55323.2
4+johnhenderson 63518.5

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Stob Ban summit, Mamores
© wee jamie, Nov 2009
 Top 10 Galleries PhotosVotesRanking
1wee jamie 1273,51549.7
2Ice Nine 1542,62648.9
3streapadair 1876,18548.1
4Dan Arkle 592,12047.0
5Sean Kelly 1624,18146.8
6James Rushforth 811,57046.5
7Nicholas Livesey 2614,43046.3
8Duncan_Andison 952,14946.0
9Brian 681,70945.4
10Jon Griffith 291,31945.3
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Top 10 Voters this week (24/Aug/14 to 31/Aug/14)
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 PositionTop 10 Voters This weekLast week
1=Mark Collins ? 183163
2=Fraser ? 78113
3+ +1John Stainforth ? 7741
4+ +8USBRIT ? 7620
5- -2richardeb ? 5850
6+baby ? 55 
7+ +1johnhenderson ? 5223
8- -2Stu Tyrrell ? 5128
9+ +7m dunn ? 4915
10+GrahamJ ? 38