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Logbook for Rhodesy

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NameGradeDate Crag name
Dodd Fell Hill summitsummit 19/Feb/12Dodd Fell Hill
Great Shunner Fell summitsummit 30/Aug/11Great Shunner Fell
Pike of Stickle summitsummit 17/Aug/11Pike of Stickle
Pavey Ark summitsummit 17/Aug/11Pavey Ark
Loft Crag summitsummit 17/Aug/11Loft Crag
Tarn Crag (Easedale) summitsummit 17/Aug/11Tarn Crag (Easedale)
Blea Rigg summitsummit 17/Aug/11Blea Rigg
Sergeant Man summitsummit 17/Aug/11Sergeant Man
Harrison Stickle summitsummit 17/Aug/11Harrison Stickle
Thunacar Knott summitsummit 17/Aug/11Thunacar Knott
High Raise summitsummit 17/Aug/11High Raise
Walna Scar summitsummit ???/2011Walna Scar
Brim Fell summitsummit ???/2011Brim Fell
Wansfell summitsummit ???/2011Wansfell
Harter Fell (Mardale) summitsummit ???/2011Harter Fell (Mardale)
Shelter Crags summitsummit ???/2011Shelter Crags
Crinkle Crags - Long Top [Second Crinkle] summitsummit ???/2011Crinkle Crags - Long Top...
Little Stand summitsummit ???/2011Little Stand
Shelter Crags North Top summitsummit ???/2011Shelter Crags North Top
Heron Pike North Top [Rydal Fell] summitsummit ???/2011Heron Pike North Top [Rydal...
Striding Edge summitsummit ???/2011Striding Edge
Drumaldrace summitsummit ???/2011Drumaldrace
Plover Hill summitsummit ???/2011Plover Hill
Great Knott summitsummit ???/2011Great Knott
Crinkle Crags South Top [First Crinkle] summitsummit ???/2011Crinkle Crags South Top...
Birks Fell summitsummit ???/2011Birks Fell
Thorpe Fell Top summitsummit ???/2011Thorpe Fell Top
Ilkley Moor summitsummit ???/2011Ilkley Moor
Sharp Haw summitsummit ???/2011Sharp Haw
Pendle Hill summitsummit ???/2011Pendle Hill
Boulsworth Hill - Lad Law summitsummit ???/2011Boulsworth Hill - Lad Law
Wild Boar Fell summitsummit ???/2011Wild Boar Fell
Nine Standards Rigg summitsummit ???/2011Nine Standards Rigg
Whernside summitsummit ???/2011Whernside
Ingleborough summitsummit ???/2011Ingleborough
Great Whernside summitsummit ???/2011Great Whernside
Buckden Pike summitsummit ???/2011Buckden Pike
Pen-y-ghent summitsummit ???/2011Pen-y-ghent
Scafell Pike summitsummit ???/2011Scafell Pike
Bowfell summitsummit ???/2011Bowfell
Crinkle Crags - Long Top [Second Crinkle] summitsummit ???/2011Crinkle Crags - Long Top...
The Old Man of Coniston summitsummit ???/2011The Old Man of Coniston
Swirl How summitsummit ???/2011Swirl How
Brim Fell summitsummit ???/2011Brim Fell
Great Carrs summitsummit ???/2011Great Carrs
Dow Crag summitsummit ???/2011Dow Crag
Grey Friar summitsummit ???/2011Grey Friar
Wetherlam summitsummit ???/2011Wetherlam
Pike of Blisco summitsummit ???/2011Pike of Blisco
Harter Fell summitsummit ???/2011Harter Fell