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Logbook for UK Mountains

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NameDate Crag name
Hallin Fell summit02/Jun/14Hallin Fell
Carnedd y Filiast summit10/Feb/13Carnedd y Filiast
Mynydd Perfedd summit10/Feb/13Mynydd Perfedd
Foel-goch summit10/Feb/13Foel-goch
Y Garn summit10/Feb/13Y Garn
Glyder Fawr summit09/Feb/13Glyder Fawr
Castell y Gwynt summit09/Feb/13Castell y Gwynt
Glyder Fach Summit09/Feb/13Glyder Fach
Tryfan summit09/Feb/13Tryfan
Red Screes summit24/Jan/13Red Screes
The Old Man of Coniston summit23/Jan/13The Old Man of Coniston
Cairn Gorm - Cairn Lochan summit12/Jan/13Cairn Gorm - Cairn Lochan
Cairn Gorm - Fiacaill a'Choire Chois summit11/Jan/13Cairn Gorm - Fiacaill...
Cairn Gorm - Stob Coire an t-Sneachda summit11/Jan/13Cairn Gorm - Stob Coire an...
Cairn Gorm - Cairn Lochan summit11/Jan/13Cairn Gorm - Cairn Lochan
Glas Maol summit09/Jan/13Glas Maol
Glas Maol - Meall Odhar summit09/Jan/13Glas Maol - Meall Odhar
The Cairnwell summit09/Jan/13The Cairnwell
Carn a'Gheoidh summit09/Jan/13Carn a'Gheoidh
Carn a'Gheoidh - Carn nan Sac summit09/Jan/13Carn a'Gheoidh - Carn nan Sac
Carn Aosda summit09/Jan/13Carn Aosda
Lochnagar - Cuidhe Crom summit08/Jan/13Lochnagar - Cuidhe Crom
Lochnagar - Cac Carn Mor summit08/Jan/13Lochnagar - Cac Carn Mor
Lochnagar - Cac Carn Beag summit08/Jan/13Lochnagar - Cac Carn Beag
Great Knott summit05/Apr/12Great Knott
Crinkle Crags South Top [First Crinkle] summit05/Apr/12Crinkle Crags South Top...
Crinkle Crags - Long Top [Second Crinkle] summit05/Apr/12Crinkle Crags - Long Top...
Shelter Crags summit05/Apr/12Shelter Crags
Shelter Crags North Top summit05/Apr/12Shelter Crags North Top
Bowfell summit05/Apr/12Bowfell
Raise summit27/Mar/12Raise
White Side summit27/Mar/12White Side
Helvellyn - Lower Man summit27/Mar/12Helvellyn - Lower Man
Helvellyn summit27/Mar/12Helvellyn
Nethermost Pike summit27/Mar/12Nethermost Pike
Dollywaggon Pike summit27/Mar/12Dollywaggon Pike
Seat Sandal summit27/Mar/12Seat Sandal
Fairfield summit27/Mar/12Fairfield
Great Rigg summit27/Mar/12Great Rigg
Heron Pike North Top [Rydal Fell] summit27/Mar/12Heron Pike North Top [Rydal...
Heron Pike summit27/Mar/12Heron Pike
Nab Scar summit27/Mar/12Nab Scar
Yewbarrow summit07/Mar/12Yewbarrow
Yewbarrow North Top [Stirrup Crag] summit07/Mar/12Yewbarrow North Top [Stirrup...
Red Pike (Wasdale) summit07/Mar/12Red Pike (Wasdale)
Scoat Fell summit07/Mar/12Scoat Fell
Haycock summit06/Mar/12Haycock
Seatallan summit06/Mar/12Seatallan
Buckbarrow summit04/Mar/12Buckbarrow
Loughrigg Fell summit01/Mar/12Loughrigg Fell