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NameDate Crag name
Cairn Table summit24/Nov/14Cairn Table
Scaw'd Law summit23/Nov/14Scaw'd Law
Ballencleuch Law summit23/Nov/14Ballencleuch Law
Rodger Law summit23/Nov/14Rodger Law
Dun Law summit19/Oct/14Dun Law
Louise Wood Law summit19/Oct/14Louise Wood Law
Dungrain Law summit19/Oct/14Dungrain Law
Blairdenon Hill summit11/Oct/14Blairdenon Hill
Ben Ever summit11/Oct/14Ben Ever
Ben Cleuch summit11/Oct/14Ben Cleuch
The Law summit11/Oct/14The Law
Andrew Gannel Hill summit11/Oct/14Andrew Gannel Hill
King's Seat Hill summit11/Oct/14King's Seat Hill
Tarmangie Hill summit11/Oct/14Tarmangie Hill
Innerdownie summit11/Oct/14Innerdownie
Whitewisp Hill summit11/Oct/14Whitewisp Hill
Bla Bheinn (Blaven) summit24/Sep/14Bla Bheinn (Blaven)
Bla Bheinn - South-west Top summit24/Sep/14Bla Bheinn - South-west Top
Bla Bheinn (Blaven) summit27/Aug/14Bla Bheinn (Blaven)
Bla Bheinn - South-west Top summit27/Aug/14Bla Bheinn - South-west Top
Moel Siabod summit19/Jul/14Carnedd Moel Siabod
Glenridding Dodd summit13/Jul/14Glenridding Dodd
Sheffield Pike summit13/Jul/14Sheffield Pike
Green Side [White Stones - Green Side] summit13/Jul/14Green Side [White Stones -...
Stybarrow Dodd summit13/Jul/14Stybarrow Dodd
Lonscale Fell summit12/Jul/14Lonscale Fell
Skiddaw Little Man summit12/Jul/14Skiddaw Little Man
Skiddaw summit12/Jul/14Skiddaw
Long Side summit12/Jul/14Long Side
Ullock Pike summit12/Jul/14Ullock Pike
Catbells summit06/Jul/14Catbells
Latrigg summit05/Jul/14Latrigg
Carrock Fell summit29/Jun/14Carrock Fell
Hare Stones summit29/Jun/14Hare Stones
High Pike (Caldbeck) summit29/Jun/14High Pike (Caldbeck)
Great Lingy Hill summit29/Jun/14Great Lingy Hill
Knott summit29/Jun/14Knott
High Pike (Caldbeck) summit26/May/14High Pike (Caldbeck)
Hare Stones summit26/May/14Hare Stones
Great Lingy Hill summit26/May/14Great Lingy Hill
Knott summit26/May/14Knott
Great Sca Fell summit26/May/14Great Sca Fell
Meal Fell summit26/May/14Meal Fell
Great Cockup summit26/May/14Great Cockup
Brae Fell summit26/May/14Brae Fell
Longlands Fell summit26/May/14Longlands Fell
Little Calva summit26/May/14Little Calva
Great Calva summit26/May/14Great Calva
Pike of Blisco summit12/May/14Pike of Blisco
Cold Pike summit12/May/14Cold Pike
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