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NameDate Crag name
Whitbarrow summit23/Oct/14Whitbarrow
Arnside Knott summit21/Oct/14Arnside Knott
Garreg Lwyd [Moel Gornach] summit17/Sep/14Garreg Lwyd [Moel Gornach]
Y Gyrn summit07/Aug/14Y Gyrn
Mynydd Dinas (summit) 307 metres24/Feb/14Mynydd Dinas
Gyrn Ddu summit13/Feb/14Gyrn Ddu
Yr Eifl summit10/Feb/14Yr Eifl
Bowscale Fell summit17/Oct/13Bowscale Fell
Bannerdale Crags summit17/Oct/13Bannerdale Crags
Fan Hir summit17/Jun/13Fan Hir
Mynydd Llangyndeyrn summit16/Apr/13Mynydd Llangyndeyrn
Mynydd Allt-y-grug summit01/Apr/13Mynydd Allt-y-grug
Mynydd Carningli summit04/Mar/13Mynydd Carningli
Manod Mawr summit06/Feb/13Manod Mawr
Rhobell Fawr summit04/Feb/13Rhobell Fawr
Garreg Lwyd [Moel Gornach] summit28/Nov/12Garreg Lwyd [Moel Gornach]
Mynydd Llangyndeyrn summit26/Oct/12Mynydd Llangyndeyrn
Hindscarth summit19/Oct/12Hindscarth
Robinson summit19/Oct/12Robinson
High Spy summit15/Oct/12High Spy
High Spy North Top summit15/Oct/12High Spy North Top
Maiden Moor summit15/Oct/12Maiden Moor
Waun Lefrith summit06/Oct/12Waun Lefrith
Bannau Sir Gaer - Picws Du summit06/Oct/12Bannau Sir Gaer - Picws Du
Fan Brycheiniog summit06/Oct/12Fan Brycheiniog
Fan Foel summit06/Oct/12Fan Foel
Frenni Fawr summit01/Oct/12Frenni Fawr
Fan Hir summit02/Sep/12Fan Hir
Fan Brycheiniog summit02/Sep/12Fan Brycheiniog
Fan Foel summit02/Sep/12Fan Foel
Bannau Sir Gaer - Picws Du summit02/Sep/12Bannau Sir Gaer - Picws Du
Fan Hir summit01/Sep/12Fan Hir
Fan Brycheiniog summit01/Sep/12Fan Brycheiniog
Fan Foel summit01/Sep/12Fan Foel
Bannau Sir Gaer - Picws Du summit01/Sep/12Bannau Sir Gaer - Picws Du
Fan Foel summit06/Mar/12Fan Foel
Waun Lefrith summit06/Mar/12Waun Lefrith
Sugar Loaf summit09/Feb/12Sugar Loaf
Ysgyryd Fawr summit05/Feb/12Ysgyryd Fawr
Waun Lefrith summit16/Jan/12Waun Lefrith
Bannau Sir Gaer - Picws Du summit16/Jan/12Bannau Sir Gaer - Picws Du
Fan Brycheiniog summit16/Jan/12Fan Brycheiniog
Fan Foel summit16/Jan/12Fan Foel
Garreg Lwyd [Moel Gornach] summit05/Jan/12Garreg Lwyd [Moel Gornach]
Mynydd Carningli summit29/Dec/11Mynydd Carningli
Garreg Lwyd [Moel Gornach] summit27/Nov/11Garreg Lwyd [Moel Gornach]
Garreg Lwyd [Moel Gornach] summit14/Nov/11Garreg Lwyd [Moel Gornach]
Foel Cwmcerwyn summit27/Oct/11Foel Cwmcerwyn
Whin Rigg summit19/Oct/11Whin Rigg
Whin Rigg summit19/Oct/11Whin Rigg
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