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Topic - Reverse polarity on a Compass

glennofsheff - on 20 Jan 2013
on more than one occasion during a recent visit to Borrowdale in the lakes,a friend and i had compasses reversing their polarity , by which i mean the Red/North end of the needle, working normally a few minutes before, suddenly started pointing south , the White end then becoming the one pointing north.
even stranger was the fact that his compass kept true but later in the day his switched and mine then returned to its normally position.
this caused us some problems the following day when the weather closed in quickly , as we left Great End , visibility was very poor and not able to
see any land features we took out our map and compasses both showing opposite readings for North. they were nt stored together but in separate packs
we did consider they may be affecting each other but the first time this happened, mine was the only compass we were using .

also considered was the affect of magnetic elements in the rock is this an issue in that area ?

i ve been hillwalking for a good number of years and never encoutered this before
has anyone else had this happened ? or more importantly know the reasons for this and if possible preventions

as for the effects of gadgets
we both had cameras but , i regularly take one and its never been a problem

any suggestions most welcome !
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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